Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Snapshot: Connie's Supermarket - Wyalusing, PA

Welcome to Wyalusing, PA! It's a little less than 50 miles northwest of Scranton and, as of a 2016 estimate, its population is just 565. However, it does have a small downtown area and a full service, newly renovated supermarket.
The supermarket is Connie's Supermarket, an independently owned store that appears to be affiliated with Western Family Foods or AWI of York, PA.
The facade was recently redone here.
I really like the new design, since it's very modern but it's not overwhelming. There's lots of glass, which is nice, although it is only a facade. Here's a look at how the store used to look...
I would say that's an improvement, but it doesn't look like a small-town supermarket anymore, that's for sure. The store is located at 41841 US-6, Wyalusing, PA. You can see interior pictures here and here.

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