Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Snapshot: Former ACME - Troy, PA

Heading back up to Troy, PA for today's Snapshot. We previously took a quick look at the Tops Friendly Markets in Troy earlier this month. Now we're going to see a store that is currently a Dollar Tree, but was previously a Dollar General and presumably a Bi-Lo and before that, an Insalaco's. Before that it was definitely an ACME!
This beautifully preserved pitched-roof store, when it was a Dollar General, was actually in much worse condition. Dollar Tree fixed it up pretty nicely. We can see clearer in the Google street view that it's an early model pitched-roof store...
...since it has the beams coming out at an angle on the side walls. For a complete tour of a supermarket of the same model, check out the Confluence Foodmart in Confluence, PA. This former ACME is located at 38 Elmira St, Troy, PA.

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