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TOUR: Foodtown - Jamaica West, NY

There are two Ferreira Foods-owned Foodtowns in Jamaica, with this one at Parsons Blvd and 84th Rd (eight blocks north of Hillside Ave), and one to the east of this at Jamaica Ave and 173rd St (four blocks south of Hillside). The Jamaica Ave location was also the original King Kullen supermarket.
I'm pretty sure this location was a Waldbaum's previously, though all the Ferreira stores were Met Foodmarkets until 2014, when they became Foodtowns.
The layout here is fairly standard: produce in the first aisle, with deli/bakery at the back and customer service at the front; meats along the back wall; dairy in the last aisle; frozen in the front corner.
The decor is on the older side, but as we'll see, the store is in great condition, absolutely spotless throughout. And no, the sign doesn't say "del bak," but the letters are shiny metal which reflects oddly to make the i and ery invisible at this angle.
Deli runs along the side wall (to the right) with bakery on the back wall (straight ahead).
Here's a better shot of the produce department from the back aisle.
Meats run along the back wall. And this is what I was saying -- the floor is surely older, but look how nice it looks! They really take care of this store.
Beautifully stocked and perfectly clean grocery aisles!
Looking across the back wall of the store towards deli/bakery.
The store tops out at 10 aisles and just over 12,000 square feet.
Looks like a lot of the store is freshly painted. The colors are looking very vibrant.
This Ferreira Foodtown is impressively maintained and nicely stocked, but as we'll see in a few days, it has some tough competition here in Jamaica. But first, a few small stores over on The Independent Edition!

Foodtown of Parsons Blvd

84-05 Parsons Blvd, Jamaica, NY
Photographed December 2019