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Snapshot: Hmart - Bayside, NY

It seems that Waldbaum's had a penchant for locating their stores in very close proximity to one another in certain cases, a process I like to refer to as "concentrating mediocrity." Yeah, I'm not a fan of Waldbaum's or any of the former A&P stores. I am, however, a fan of H Mart, a New Jersey-based Korean grocery store chain. You can tour their Paramus location here. Anyway, H Mart took over this former Waldbaum's just a mile south of another (now Food Universe) in 2013. They gut-renovated the building and the new interior, featuring a bakery and food court, is quite nice. The food court is branded K-Town, a precursor to the current Market Eatery Food Hall which is featured in Paramus. The location is at 46-40 Francis Lewis Blvd, Bayside, NY.

Photographed July 2018