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TOUR: Food Universe Marketplace - Bayside, NY

Listen, I've gotta admit something. I've photographed over 1,300 grocery stores. And the truth is, some are really incredible. Some are notably bad. And then there are some that are just... not really exciting. They're fine, for sure, but I just can't get excited about them. This Food Universe, though it is newly renovated, is one of them.
That said, I'd take a bland but solid store over the depressing Waldbaum's that previously occupied this space. Sorry, but at the time of the 2015-16 A&P bankruptcy, any Key Food store was better than any A&P store. This is one of two Food Universes that is corporately owned by Key Food Stores Co-Operative. The other is also a former Waldbaum's in Jackson Heights, Queens.
So as we'll see, the store is actually quite nice. But it just isn't that exciting. Let's head in.
At just 17,000 square feet, this had to have been one of the smallest Waldbaum's out there at the time of the bankruptcy. Food Universe has opened up the store and it feels fairly spacious despite the small size.
The front-end, seen here from the produce side, is very open and bright, which is a nice improvement. It has very little Waldbaum's feeling left to it.
Moving to the back of the first aisle, we see the start of the meat department and a European foods section. A little unusual, but in line with the neighborhood's population.
This was a very nice feature of the store. The meat and deli departments line the back wall of the store, which is far deeper than it is wide.
I must say, I like the rounded structures over the key departments. Narrow back aisle though.
Solid deli in the back corner of the store, though again, not a particularly special selection.
Ah, only one. Got it. The dairy and frozen departments are looking good with very new fixtures.
Beer is in the front corner of the store next to customer service.
Nice floor and fixtures!
And we conclude the tour with a look across the front-end, which is very bright and open. Big fan of the rounded panels hanging over the registers. We're actually going to see a few more Food Universe locations in this neighborhood in a few days, but they are independently-owned stores.

Food Universe Marketplace

35-09 Francis Lewis Blvd, Bayside, Queens, NY
Photographed July 2018