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TOUR: The Food Emporium - Albertson, NY

Today we're touring yet another former Waldbaum's (there seem to be so many of them on Long Island and in Brooklyn and Queens, though I never once actually went to a Waldbaum's in business). This location in the village of Albertson was purchased by Dan's Supreme Supermarkets along with Waldbaum's locations in Center Moriches and Mattituck. They became, respectively, the Albertson Marketplace, the Center Moriches Marketplace, and the Mattituck Marketplace, all Key Food affiliates. Slight problem -- the supermarket chain Albertsons threatened a lawsuit over the name Albertson Marketplace. Therefore, the name was changed to The Food Emporium following an interior renovation; Center Moriches has closed for good; and Mattituck remains in business.
It's a pretty standard Waldbaum's layout updated with new fixtures and decor. You enter to produce in the front right corner, with deli/prepared foods along the right side wall and bakery at the end of the first aisle. Meat/seafood run along the back wall, with dairy/frozen at the far end of the store.
Beautiful decor, too. I just wish the ceiling had been painted, as it's looking a little dingy.
Another New York Jewish owner, another beautiful deli. No surprise.
Bakery and cheese in the back corner.
The 26,000 square foot store is not huge, but big enough that they have a nice bakery department, something most Key Food affiliates do not.
Beer and bulk nuts/dried fruit line the first aisle opposite deli/bakery/prepared foods.
Seafood and then meats run along the back wall of the store.
I really love this sign (and all the decor, it's beautiful), but that water stain on the ceiling isn't helping anything.
Grocery aisles feel like a Waldbaum's for sure!
On the other hand, the freezer department is looking very new, with new cases and signage (which I love, by the way).
Really cool meat signage. Service meat is at the far end of the back wall.
Dairy lines the last aisle of the store with some really cool and deluxe decor.
The front end is an interesting layout, with two registers per checkstand instead of the usual one.
And that is all for North Hempstead! Up next we'll be heading to the next town south, Hempstead, and hitting a few of the key villages there. Check back soon for lots more!

The Food Emporium

1050 Willis Ave, Albertson, NY
Photographed December 2018


  1. Such awesome décor!! I love it so much. Please package this store and ship it directly to me so I may enjoy it in person. XD

    I also notice the deli signage still reads "Albertson Delicatessen." So there's that, at least.

    1. You are correct, but that seems to be the case regardless of what banner the store operates under. The Riverdale, Bronx location, for instance, which has never operated under any banner other than Key Food, has the Riverdale Delicatessen inside:


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