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1047 Thorndike St, Palmer, MA

Original Grocery Tenant: unknown
Address: 1047 Thorndike St, Palmer, MA
Opened: unknown
Closed: unknown
Later Tenants: Rite Aid > Walgreens
Photographed: November 23, 2023
Our start to the West of Worcester group is sadly not that exciting. It's a roughly 16,000 square foot Walgreens that looks to me like a former supermarket, although I haven't been able to confirm that -- it's just what my intuition tells me. It certainly has the rough look of an A&P Centennial (and it's about the right size) but the building shape and setup just don't match anything like how A&P was building the centennials. Instead of being long and narrow or almost a perfect square, it's wider than it is deep. However, it does date back to roughly the centennial period (built between 1957 and 1967), but I'm willing to bet it's just a similar design coincidentally.
We do know, though, that this was a Rite Aid before Walgreens, but that's not all that exciting. In addition to quite a few nice antique stores and a large indoor flea market, Palmer has a large supermarket that we'll be taking a look at on Monday!