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Snapshot: Big Y World Class Market - Palmer, MA

Big Y World Class Market
Owner: D'Amour family
Opened: late 1980s
Previous Tenants: none
Location: 1180 Thorndike St, Palmer, MA
Photographed: March 13, 2022
Today's snapshot is the supermarket here in Palmer, which is a roughly 52,000 square foot Big Y dating back to the late 1980s (by historic aerial photos we can see that the lot was cleared in 1985 but no construction had begun yet; the store was built and open by the next image in 1997). There's an Ocean State Job Lot, a Rhode Island-based chain of discount stores similar to Big Lots or Ollie's Bargain Outlet, across the parking lot from this supermarket, and that may have originally been a department store since I doubt Ocean State Job Lot built the store originally back in the 80s.
Tomorrow is another Big Y, although it's an older one in a small town on our way east towards Worcester!


  1. Judging by the outside of that Ocean State Job Lot, my first thought is Ames or maybe Bradlees.

    1. According to this post on flickr, it was an ames


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