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Snapshot: Big Y World Class Market - Ware, MA

Big Y World Class Market
Owner: D'Amour family
Opened: ca. 1970
Previous Tenants: none
Location: 148 West St, Ware, MA
Photographed: March 13, 2022
You can tell this store is an older model than the more familiar newer stores, and generally, Big Y runs a fleet of up-to-date, well-maintained, and pretty newly built stores. (I would say typically their standards for store operations are higher than the big chains that are in the area. Big Y has around 75 stores in MA and CT.) The roughly 40,000 square foot Ware store is an exception to that, although it still looks quite nice inside, just smaller.
The store was built at some point between 1967 and 1971, and it almost looks like the building just to the left of the supermarket could have been the previous location (it's much smaller at just about 15,000 square feet). There's also a building across the street that vaguely resembles a former supermarket, too, which we'll be seeing tomorrow!


  1. The one in Pittsfield (which is right in town, unlike Lee or Great Barrington that are further out) is also an older building, though it has had more redo on the inside than the shots you linked here look to show.

    Unlike Lee, which of course is totally newer, and Great Barrington, where the store was totally redone as they expanded into what had been part of the Ames next door after that chain went out.

    North Adams is also an older spot, but I haven't been in that one to see if they have changed it or not, and of course until a few years ago, they had the Adams store that was quite older and smaller (and is now under the Adams IGA group, which is kind of funny being the town and all).

    1. Thanks for those details! Ah yes, I see what you mean about those other locations. Pittsfield looks great, a nice renovation in an older store!


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