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116 E Main St, Webster, MA

Original Grocery Tenant: Big D Supermarkets
Address: 116 E Main St, Webster, MA
Opened: bet. 1960 and 1966
Closed: 1995
Later Tenants: Price Chopper (1995-2013) > subdivided
Photographed: October 10, 2020
We spent the end of last week seeing buildings that may or may not be former supermarkets, but here's one that definitely was: local chain Big D Supermarkets built this space at some point between 1960 and 1966, though it was expanded since then. That said, the smaller building that makes up the rest of the strip mall appears to have been the original Big D or, at least, the original supermarket on this property. The Big Lots/Planet Fitness building totals 61,000 square feet, and the original supermarket appears to be closer to 25,000 square feet. Big D owned the store until 1995, when the chain sold out to Price Chopper.
In 2013, Price Chopper moved just diagonally across the street into a newly-built, roughly 70,000 square foot space. We'll tour that tomorrow, so come back to check it out!