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13 W Main St, Dudley, MA

Original Grocery Tenant: unknown
Address: 13 W Main St, Dudley, MA
Opened: unknown
Closed: unknown
Later Tenants: Brooks Pharmacy > Rite Aid > Dollar General
Photographed: September 25, 2020
Unlike yesterday's post that I'm now convinced was previously a car dealership, I'm equally certain that this building right on the border between Webster and Dudley was originally a grocery store. The roughly 12,500 square foot building has distinct similarities to supermarkets of the 1940s (especially the blocked-out windows along the sides), and was constructed before 1966 according to Historic Aerials. Later in life, the space became a Brooks Pharmacy and then a Rite Aid, and is now a Dollar General. (We've seen that progression before.) And on Monday, we'll be headed into downtown Webster for a look at a store that definitely was previously a supermarket!