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70 Worcester Rd, Webster, MA (Park 'n Shop)

Original Grocery Tenant: Park 'n Shop
Address: 70 Worcester Rd, Webster, MA
Opened: unknown
Closed: ca. 1990s
Later Tenants: subdivided
Photographed: May 1, 2021 and April 16, 2022
Here we are at the Webster Plaza, a large strip mall just north of downtown Webster! Unfortunately, most of the 150,000 square foot strip mall is vacant -- including its two anchors, previously a Kmart and a Shaw's supermarket. Before the Shaw's was constructed around the 1990s, though, a roughly 30,000 square foot Park 'n Shop was the anchor, today subdivided. You can actually see a picture of the store soon after it closed here.
Park 'n Shop originated here in Webster with a small store in downtown, and today has two stores in Dudley and Auburn, about eight miles north. Before we leave Webster, we'll be seeing the former Shaw's just next door tomorrow!

Also... unrelated to this post, but I got word last weekend that the Acme Style blog is back up! (There won't be any new posts, of course, but the website is live again so you can go back and read the posts anytime you like. For the uninitiated, Acme Style was the original -- one of the, if not the, first supermarket blog, started way back in 2009. And Acme Style was my inspiration to start The Market Report!