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Look Inside: Fairway - Chelsea

Fairway is a strange chain. I visited their location in Woodland Park, NJ when it first opened and was not impressed. I found the selection mediocre and prices outrageous, and the prepared foods were only decent. On the other hand, I've visited two in Manhattan, both of which I liked a lot more. One, in Harlem, I visited summer 2016, and you can see my pictures here. This location, in Chelsea, most directly competes with the Ideal Marketplace we saw on Monday.
This Fairway is a pretty cool store, but by far its coolest feature is the cart return. Obviously, being on a busy city street in Manhattan, they can't exactly store carts on the sidewalk outside. So what do you do?
Ingenious! Because you can get at the carts from the side, you can pull them out effectively, but you can also store a good long line of them under this produce case. Kudos to the designers of this feature!