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Look Inside: Ideal Marketplace - Chelsea

We've discussed NSA Supermarkets and America's Food Basket before, so here's one of AFB's two stores in Manhattan, NY, in the fairly upscale neighborhood of Chelsea. This Ideal Marketplace was previously branded an NSA Supermarket, and it's a very modern store.
Here's a tip: if you're going to open a supermarket, don't put a dark green sign on a black background. What's the name of this store? Oh, you can't tell? Let's go a little closer...
Better? Not really.
Now I guess most people who shop in this store already know about it and walk or take public transportation, so they don't need to catch the eye of a tourist passing by. But come on, can't you just put the word Ideal in white?
I spotted this sign with the NSA logo still on it in the dairy section. Can anyone understand it and give me a translation?
From this single mediocre photo, we can see the interior is very upscale and modern. It's a beautiful store with great selection, but I'd bet the prices are pretty high.