Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Memorabilia: America's Choice and Greenway

These young whippersnappers today...

OK, not like that. But I did come across a reminder of A&P in my grandmother's house...
Hmm. Somehow the idea of buying "small garbage" isn't overly appealing to me. Maybe it's just me.
Of course, Greenway products are now available at Foodtown and other Allegiance affiliates. But they're not the original ones distributed by OnPoint, Inc at 1 Paragon Dr in Montvale, NJ!


  1. Nice! Recently a lot of America's Choice products have popped up on eBay. I bought a CRAP ton of America's Choice Towels, and A&P 125th Anniversary Commemorative Placemats.

    In my house, I keep finding odd remnants of the old S&S/Giant Logo... it's really funny. Like I'll pull out a garbage bag, or open a NEW bottle of vinegar-- and what do you know?

    1. Cool! I feel like I saw some AC products recently in a retail store (that wasn't a former A&P store), but I can't remember where. I know they were in a lot of the Ollie's Bargain Outlet and similar stores a while ago.

      In my house, the bin of plastic shopping bags hasn't been emptied in so long that there are still A&P "Fresh Obsessed" bags (ca. 2005) and even a few with the old ShopRite logo (pre-2002)!

    2. Yeah, I got some from Ollie's too. If you check a Grocery Outlet store they usually have A LOT, plus other odd store brands from the west coast (even including Publix).

      I find it interesting about the shopping bags. I didn't really shop that much at A&P because the nearest one was an hour and a half away, but when stopping in Long Island, I went to the Waldbaums at East Setauket (Abandoned now...) and picked up a few AC products and bags.

      Someone on eBay is trying to sell something like 5 or 6 Pathmark bags for around $30! Too bad I didn't pick up any A&P bags at the Liquidation Sale in Clinton, but I did manage to (somehow) pick up a Chabaso-Pathmark sign, and a "Fresh Fruit By The Each" sign from the produce department, of course along with a few aprons. :)

      A lot of times Grocery Outlet advertises certain products on their circular, like America's Choice... so I'd reccomend you check your local one on the website. I remember just a few months ago they had some Greenway and AC products.

    3. Awesome! Unfortunately, the closest Grocery Outlet for me is actually either Allentown or Quakertown, both of which are almost two hours from me. So if I'm ever out in the Lehigh Valley, I will stop by, but I can't make a trip for just that. I did go to the one in Allentown last time I was out there and I really liked it. I wish there were one closer!

    4. Whoa, really? Funny, my area is filled with Grocery Outlets. I only went to Grocery Outlet around two times. I haven't been there recently because they've been selling expired breads and fruits-- by MONTHS. The only thing that I'll go there for is A&P products, or some other weird storebrands! :). Also, if you're going to make the trip out to the Lehigh Valley, I'd recommend visiting Phillipsburg again. An Aldi is going to be opening up, plus there's a quite unique Stop & Shop. I'd also go to the other Ahart's Markets. I'm not sure if they opened up another one in the valley, but I saw a few that I didn't remember. They're very interesting stores.

    5. Thanks for the recommendations! I don't think Ahart's opened any other stores--there are four, according to the website: Bethlehem and Allentown, which I've been to, and Bath and Blakeslee.

    6. I don't know much about Ahart's, so you can expect mistakes from me. :)

      Also, if you go to an Ahart's, make sure to pick up some A-Treat Soda... it's a local favorite.