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Snapshot: ShopRite - Springfield, NJ

One of the few remaining, largely unaltered Marina Safeways in the country is in the unlikely location of Springfield, NJ, just across the street from the former A&Ps we saw on Friday. It's owned and operated by Village Super Market, which is also based in Springfield.
The storefront is completely glass, save for expansions to the two sides. The produce/grand aisle with deli, a tiny bakery, and seafood is to the right, and the pharmacy (formerly a liquor store) is on the left side.
The worst thing about this store is its parking lot, which is not nearly big enough for the traffic that comes through this store.
Old sign in the corner of the lot. Hard to tell exactly what it says.
Great sky. These last two pictures were taken from the parking lot across the street.


  1. The good ol' Marina model Safeway! Safeway still uses these as their stock store photos on Google Maps, surprisingly.

    1. Well, it's a really nice (and maybe more importantly, distinctive) store model, even today.

    2. Yep! Just like Acme's Pitched Roof.


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