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Snapshot: Former A&P - Millburn, NJ

Some retailers are in such a good location that when they outgrow their building, they decide to move elsewhere within the same mall. That's clearly the case with A&P here in Millburn, NJ. After opening a Centennial-styled store in the 1950s at one end of the shopping mall, A&P later decided to move to the other end in the 1970s. The older store is now a Harmon Discount drugstore:
You really can't miss that A&P facade. The left side of the store has been turned into a Panera restaurant.
A shopping mall with offices on the second floor extends out of the side of the old A&P building, with a facade that replicates the A&P building style.
Here we're looking from the older A&P, in the foreground, towards the newer one in the background. The 1970s building, with a new facade, has become a CanDo Fitness Center.
You can see the store would have originally had a Centennial-like facade, but later tenants added the new facade in front.
An overview of the whole plaza. The Springfield ShopRite, which we'll see a Snapshot of on Monday, is located directly across the street.