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Snapshot: Former A&P, ACME, and ShopRite - Livingston, NJ

Special, today only: three Snapshots for the price of one! We're looking at three former supermarkets so close you could throw a Frisbee from one and hit either of the other two.
The first building you see here was an ACME. The second (just past the two-story building) was an A&P. And the building with the tall clock tower is on the site of a ShopRite!
The former ACME (45 S Livingston Ave) is now the Firehouse Commons, a small strip mall which includes a Walgreens and faces away from Livingston Ave, the main road visible here.
There is a large parking lot in the rear.
This ACME probably closed by the 1980s. Now on to the A&P (25 S Livingston Ave)...
We've seen these pictures before. This was more recently a Bottle King, which moved to the Livingston Circle.
I'm not sure if this is the original building. It remains vacant. The blue metal frames along the top, however, have been painted.
It would be the perfect space for a small gourmet or produce market.
And finally, on to the former ShopRite (now 6230 Town Center Way).
The brick complex on the far side of the intersection is the Livingston Town Center, a development built ca. 2007 that includes retail and residential units. Its high rent, however, has been a constant problem in commercial tenant retention.
The ShopRite was on the right side of this corner, with a movie theater on the left side. The building is long gone, but here's what the ShopRite looked like.
Hard to tell if any of those buildings are the original ones that held the supermarkets, but it's definitely where they are located!