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Coming Soon!

Attention all NJ Supermarkets readers! Beginning on Monday, April 16th, 2018, NJ Supermarkets will become The Market Report blog.

Everything else will stay the same, with posts in the same style on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The blog's web address will remain

So why is the name changing? A few reasons.
  1. I got bored and I wanted to change things up a little.
  2. The name NJ Supermarkets is deadly boring.
  3. The name NJ Supermarkets misrepresents the content of the blog, which extends well beyond New Jersey. 
But nothing else will change. Come visit our grand opening celebration on the 16th, and stay up to date on our Facebook page.


  1. Awesome! Can't wait, plus you can expand into more regions; not just New Jersey! Are you planning to change your blog URL?

    1. Thanks! For simplicity, the URL will still be Following the change, I have stores in NY, PA, NC, FL, VA, MD, WV, and Quebec coming it's not so appropriate anymore to just be NJ Supermarkets. I just saw on your blog that you're going to start posting again on the same day, so I can add a plug for you in my "grand opening" post.

  2. Wow! All the way up to Quebec? That'll be a journey! You'll have to visit some Metro Food Stores up there... lots and lots of untouched A&P Canada stores.

    Also, didn't realize my date was the same as yours! I had originally planned for the Friday, but I figured I should get in the smaller posts first. I'll have to mention you also!

    I'm going to be getting my blog email set up soon, so that'll be good!

    1. Actually, I have those stores all photographed already. I unfortunately didn't get the chance to go to any former A&P Canada stores, but I am focusing more on the independent stores.

      Great, I'm looking forward to what you have coming up for P's and Q's!

    2. I actually like your focus on independent grocers... most supermarket blogs cover chains (like me). It's neat to see all the differences!

      For P's and Q's, It's going to be more of the same for now. I'm mainly completing housekeeping on the site; I want it to have a more seamless look (Kinda like Acme Style with a simple color scheme) because I felt my design was very busy.

      I already have around three weeks of posts planned already, so that's good! Do you tend to schedule yours in advance?

    3. Yes, your blog looks great! I really like the simplified design.

      Great! Yes, as of right now I have enough material to make it through June 2019 at 3 posts a week, but I've only actually written the posts through July 2018. It's great to plan it all ahead, so that you don't have to worry about having time that day to write or prepare a post.


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