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Snapshot: A&D Super Market - Union City, NJ

For our next store, we're going to head way down south, y'all. OK, not like that. But A&D, back on Bergenline just north of 45th, is farther south than what we've been seeing -- remember, our last Bergenline store was Fiesta at 55th, ten blocks north.
A&D is quite small. So small, in fact, that there aren't exactly aisles per se, but more like shelving around.
 The store, to be fair, does go way back, as so many of these urban stores do. Real estate, especially in a packed business corridor like Bergenline, is at a premium. So stores can go as far back as the building allows, but there have to be a lot of businesses or storefronts across.
Not much to say about A&D, except that it used a random mix of Parade and (very old) Super A products for its storebrands.