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Snapshot: The Food Emporium - Union Square, Manhattan, NY

Our third Manhattan Food Emporium (see here and here) was one of my usual haunts for lunch when I was in the neighborhood in the summer of 2017. I knew I could get a good lunch of two empanadas, fried plantains, and vegetables with a bottle of iced tea for under $9 - quite the deal in this neighborhood - from the hot food bar. Like the other two, this was owned by A&P and was taken over by Key Food member Seven Seas Supermarkets in the bankruptcy.
Like the Times Square South location, this one has two entrances, one in front and one in the back. This is by far my favorite Food Emporium location of the three I've visited, as it's the most solid supermarket and also seems to be the most heavily used. All of the service departments are fully stocked and well-used, even the bakery which is unusual for an urban supermarket! Great hot food, too. It's located at 10 Union Square East.

Photographed July 2017