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TOUR: The Food Emporium - Times Square South, Manhattan, NY

Like the Fairway we saw last week, these pictures come from the summer of 2016 and are not particularly the highest quality, so apologies in advance for that. (Yesterday's post came out a little better.)
Unlike yesterday's, though, this one has been very nicely renovated to the A&P Fresh 1.0 package. This one is all on one floor, though it's in the basement of an apartment building. This particular location seems to get less traffic than the other, and fewer tourists (more residents). I liked this one a lot better, although it's smaller and less deluxe! It also shares ownership with the other one.
A&P leftover signage!
Meat, seafood, deli, bakery, and dairy line the exterior walls.
Pretty substantial service departments for a very small store, even a full in-store bakery! The seafood counter is small but present.
Dairy and frozen are at the far end of the store from produce.
A&P decor remains in all its glory!
These are slightly different from the A&P decor, but the same general idea.
The front end, which actually runs along the side wall, is a little crowded with general merchandise, but still pretty solid. More A&P decor visible here! There are two more Food Emporium locations in Manhattan, one of which we will be seeing briefly next week. The third is not owned by Seven Seas, but Dan's Supreme Supermarkets.

The Food Emporium

452 W 43rd St, Manhattan, NY
Open Daily 7AM-12AM
(212) 714-1414
Photographed August 2016


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