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Happy New Year!

But oops...

It seems I accidentally posted the Stop & Shop in Tenafly on Wednesday. That was not my intention, unfortunately, but it will be coming up in just a short time! So if you commented on the post, I'm pretty sure Blogger will save your comment and we'll be able to revisit it in a little bit when we circle around to that part of Bergen County. For now, though, we have these posts for you to enjoy!


  1. I believe that was one I commented, just since it linked to something else that didn't appear, so that comment can be ignored :)

    1. Yes, you were one of the comments! It's going to be the Stop & Shop and another independent store on the same day because they're just a block apart, so I scheduled that other post correctly but somehow overlooked it on the Stop & Shop post. Thanks for the heads-up though!


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