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Snapshot: Stop & Shop - Wayne, NJ

Stop & Shop
Opened: early 2000s
Previous Tenants: none
Location: 1220 Hamburg Tpk, Wayne, NJ
Photographed: August 2019
Very quick look today at the Stop & Shop in the Preakness Shopping Center, which is just around the corner from the Corrado's we saw yesterday. At 64,000 square feet to Corrado's 35,000, the Stop & Shop is nearly double the size but I have no doubt that Corrado's succeeds well against Stop & Shop. The interior of this store is bland as anything, and it's hard to pinpoint how long ago it opened but it's possible it was a replacement for a Grand Union store that Stop & Shop bought; there was one just north on Hamburg Tpk. Perhaps the Grand Union moved in the 80s to where the Stop & Shop is now, or perhaps the stores were unrelated. Up next is a look at the former A&P that remains in this mall over on Grocery Archaeology!


  1. Ah, this center as a whole has always been an interesting one. Nowadays, it is a bit on the empty side, with tenants leaving a lot faster than they're coming. Stop and Shop usually has a decent crowd, but that's about it. The new shopping center a bit south on Hamburg Turnpike(the Parke at Hamburg) had the Paper Store from this center and Trader Joe's from next door relocate into it a few months ago, and I can't speak for everyone, but usually the only reason I ever went into this Stop and Shop was for whatever I didn't find at TJ's(which I also rarely went to). Last time I was here(for the Preakness Gourmet Deli which is really good), I saw Mandee was closing, and I heard Pet Valu was closing all of their stores too, so Stop and Shop seems to be pulling a lot of weight here. As to what was here before, I believe it was a S.S. Kresge, from what I've read online(the Wayne Hills Mall was a big fascination of mine for a period of time), but that was before my time. On the note of the Wayne Hills Mall, the new Shoprite they're building over there is going to hurt this store for sure.

    1. Thanks for all the history here! Yeah, I definitely got the feeling at this location that this was not the preferred shopping spot around.

  2. We had a Stop & Shop open in Rhinebeck (NY) Nov 8 2002 that looks exactly like this and I remember at the time that being noted as a first of the design, so that gives a start point for a date.

    That store is now a Tops (sold when S&S & Hannaford parent companies merged) and was also a replacement for a Grand Union they had taken over next door.

    Not sure how long they used the design, though or if it was only for new built stores (like Rhinebeck was, having demolished a Jamesway that had sat vacant since that chain closed) or if they would have remodeled something into the design (say if adding space to it).

    1. Ah, thanks for the input there! The Tops looks great, although I wish they didn't still have the Super Stop & Shop-era flooring. Great facade renovation on the former Grand Union next door!

      I'm forgetting who mentioned this (a commenter previously, it might even have been you so please excuse me for forgetting) that this store model approximately was also used for stores built as Edwards, such as Elizabeth, but the difference is the ones built as Stop & Shops had the circles on either side of the windows which mirrored the stoplight logo at the time.

  3. Not sure, though I don't think it was me. I was in an Edwards or two down in NJ, and we did somehow get one random one up here in NY (Latham) but I don't know of any built like this.

    1. Ah, okay. The model I'm thinking of for Edwards is an older store model but the bones are the same. Here's the Elizabeth, NJ location as an Edwards...

      As a Super Stop & Shop...

      And today...


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