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More Superfresh Stores On Their Way

Key Food Operators Opening More Superfresh Stores

Specifically, Kevin Kim, who owns the following stores:

Key Food Marketplace, New Brunswick, NJ
Kevin Kim's Edison, NJ store is staying a Superfresh, and his Queens, NY store is staying a Key Food Marketplace.
On Staten Island, on the same road as the Amboy Rd. Superfresh - but 6 miles away - a former Pathmark operating transitionally as a Key Food Superstore has reopened as a Superfresh.
Image from Google Maps.
The City of New Brunswick article above claims that Key Food plans to convert its existing NJ stores to Superfresh, which I doubt. Many are already Superfresh or are becoming Superfresh:
For the remaining stores, I don't really forsee a conversion to Superfresh.
As far as I know, there are only two other Superfresh stores.
I'm wondering how many - if any - other Key Food affiliates are going to start switching to Superfresh. It'll be something to keep an eye on in the next few months and maybe even years. I've got to wonder what Key Food is going to be doing with the two new Food Emporium stores they're opening in NJ (Marlboro and Plainsboro). The Plainsboro store started as a Superfresh (owned by A&P) and closed a few years ago, so I don't see that becoming a Superfresh again, but it's also way too big, in my opinion, to count as a Food Emporium. Marlboro is an old A&P that should absolutely be a Superfresh from the get-go if you ask me!

In other news . . .

It seems an independent supermarket operator in Waukegan, IL has also decided to start using the Superfresh name. They've been around for at least 10 years, so A&P and now Key Food must either not know or not care. Their logo is also not dissimilar to the 1990s A&P Superfresh logo! See the website for Superfresh Illinois here.

Coming up . . .

If this post seems like a little bit of a cop-out, it is. I'm a little bit behind on posting, which will probably always be the case. Stay tuned for:
  • A former Food Fair / Pantry Pride / Mayfair Foodtown - or at least half of one
  • An out-of-place urban-style neighborhood market in a suburban area
  • An ethnic superstore just outside of Washington, DC
  • A former A&P that reopened in 2014
  • One of the smallest ShopRites in existence
  • Another Food Bazaar Supermarket
  • An incredibly bland - but not particularly bad - Inserra ShopRite
  • A long-standing neighborhood Acme
  • A beautiful, newly-renovated upscale market
  • A brand-new ethnic superstore in Boston, MA

Bonus points for anyone who can guess what these stores are! Stay tuned!