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The Latest Superfresh Update...

Key Food's On the Move - Again

We're seeing rapid growth and development in Key Food's new Superfresh banner. A while ago I reported that there were more Superfresh stores on the way. Key Food has bought the URL (the website directs to the two Staten Island stores) from A&P as part of the deal. Until recently it redirected to a version of the Key Food website with the Superfresh logo instead of Key Food:

However, visiting the URL will direct you instead to, a page about Superfresh specifically.

At first glance the website looks great. A short introduction, a map showing where the locations are, and the list of locations. One problem, though - there is one location on the map that doesn't exist (yet?)! (Consequently, there is one fewer location listed underneath than is labeled on the map.)

To prove my point, I've labeled each of the locations below.
The only possibility for that mystery location, as far as I know, would be if SF plans to open a new store in the former A Seabra Foods in Roselle, which is approximately where that icon is.

Any information is welcomed!


  1. Do you think Kevin Kim will stick with the Food Emporium banner for his new store in Marlboro, NJ at County Route 520 and Route 79? Or do you think it'll wind up a Superfresh?

    1. That's an excellent question. To tell the truth, I've been wondering that myself. Do you know for a fact Marlboro will be owned by Kevin Kim? (I have no reason to doubt that, I just don't know it myself.) If so, then I would bet they would go with Superfresh instead.

    2. They are going with Food Emporium. There is a mailbox on the doors marked Food Emporium and news reports have indicated a Food Emporium is going in.

    3. Well then there you go! Good to know.


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