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Look Inside: Chez Robin Marché Local - Montreal, QC

At the north end of the Wellington corridor in Verdun (3819 Wellington) is a small gourmet market called Chez Robin Marché Local. According to my French-speaking friend Google Translate, this roughly translates to At Robin's Local Market, like "Robin's Place" Local Market. I think. Anyone else speak French?
It's a beautiful store with some really unusual and interesting products. Looks like it had just opened when I visited over the summer of 2017. And let's just say we can politely direct the bargain shoppers to IGA down the street.
The glass storefront is really cool, letting in a lot of light. The store offers produce, a deli (I think) and grocery items, including HABA.
Reminds me of one of those super-upscale places in Manhattan or Brooklyn or something. This photo isn't great, but it gives you an idea. If you want a better look inside, however, check out this Google Maps 360-degree view...