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Snapshot: Super C - 147 Atwater, Montreal, QC

Today is the last post of May, and also the last post of Montreal. If you want to catch up on any of the previous posts you haven't read yet, you can see them by selecting Group: Montreal from the menu on the right.

Today's Snapshot isn't a great photo, but I wanted to include it anyway.
This store is a Super C discount supermarket at 147 Atwater Ave in Montreal, directly across from the Marché Atwater. It's owned by the Metro chain of supermarkets. What struck me is how ridiculously similar their logo was to our old friend C-Town! Check out this picture from C-Town's website, then try and tell me they don't look almost identical. I don't know which big yellow C came first, but they're awfully close. And anyway, C-Town is a good transition back to New Jersey, where we'll see a former A&P on Friday! Plus, we're back to our normal schedule with a tour on Monday.