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Look Inside: Marché Inter Asia - Montreal, QC

Heading directly across the street from Branche d'Olivier and Vert Pomme to this Asian food store, which is very similar to Asian food stores in New Jersey and the area, such as Xi House Market in Parsippany (here's an interior photo). It's at 4335 Wellington.
It appears there's a large Asian population in the Verdun area, as there are several Asian grocery stores.
This store has a small selection of just about everything--produce, fish, meat, grocery, home goods!
Although the store is small, the produce department is fairly substantial. And most of the signs are in Chinese and French. 0 for 2, for me!
Le Boucher is more like le poissonnerie, again thanks to my friend Google Translate. These cases all held fresh fish on ice, and packaged meats were stocked in the case to my left here.
The market really packs in the groceries! Even though the store is so small, there's a pretty comprehensive selection of foods. IGA doesn't even pretend to have an international section, so this fills a need in the area.