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Snapshot: Marché Branche d'Olivier - Montreal, QC

As I mentioned, Verdun was formerly an independent city, so it feels very distinct from the main section of Montreal. Its own main street, Rue Wellington (Wellington St), is home to many small grocery stores and one major supermarket.
This market, focusing on natural and organic products, packs a lot of selection into a very small space. The name translates to Olive Branch Market. It's located at 4342 Wellington and appears to be part of a 3-store chain. Although I didn't get any pictures inside, you can see inside thanks to Google Maps...


  1. I wouldn't call this a snapshot... you get to tour the whole store interactively! Ridiculously cool, SF!

    1. Thanks! It is pretty cool, but I typically base the type of post I do on the material that I created. So in this case, I only took the one exterior photo. As I find some more stores where this is available, I'll be posting these interactive tours again.


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