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Look Inside: Fruiterie Vert Pomme - Montreal, QC

Branche d'Olivier doesn't really sell fresh produce. That's OK, though, because there are other fresh produce stores nearby. Really nearby. Like Fruiterie Vert Pomme, which is all of 18 meters north of Branche d'Olivier.
As a matter of fact, you can see Branche d'Olivier in the above picture. Vert Pomme, or Green Apple, is a small greengrocer, like the ones you see on every corner in New York City. Of course, there is a difference...
Show me a corner greengrocer in NYC that is so meticulously stocked! This store pretty much has only fresh produce, although there is a small selection of basics like milk.
The store's two aisles contain a wider variety of produce than I've seen in some supermarkets. However, the prices were high compared to the greengrocers around here. Vert Pomme is located at 4324 Wellington.


  1. Very neat! Est-ce que tu parles le francais? Je parle le francais.

  2. Thanks! No, lo siento, pero hablo español--¡que es más útil en los supermercados de New Jersey!

    1. Yo hablo espanol (un poco), frances, y italiano.

      Definitely easier when going to C-Town! The one I go to in Bethlehem is really nice, and it's useful if you know Spanish.

    2. Awesome! Yes, the Bethlehem one is great. I stop by sometimes when I'm in the area.


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