Friday, July 06, 2018

Snapshot: Former Acme - North Plainfield, NJ

My own feeble coverage of this former Acme location is, of course, far inferior to Acme Style's, so go ahead and read that here!
The famous large Acme sign is still intact, even 15 years after Acme closed and five years after Acme Style wrote that post.
At the time of Acme Style's coverage, CVS shared the building with a Citi Bank, which has since closed. The space is now vacant.
According to Acme Style, this corner of the store was an expansion containing a bakery department. Going by the typical layout of stores of this era, produce lined the right side wall with deli in the back right corner, meats along the back wall, milk in the back left corner, and bakery in the front left corner. The store is located at 780 US-22 E, North Plainfield, NJ.

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