Monday, July 16, 2018

TOUR: Bravo - Orange, NJ

Not too long ago we saw the original Village Super Market in South Orange, NJ. While the second Village store was located in East Orange, possibly where the Extra Supermarket is now, at 563 Central Ave, another early Village store is here on Scotland Rd in Orange.
I visited the store at night, but the property was very well-lit. Orange isn't the greatest area, but the property was clean, well-maintained, and bright.
The brightly-lit signs and large colorful pictures brighten up the storefront--otherwise, it would be pretty dingy.
Parking lines the front of the store and continues to the back.
Probably the store's coolest feature is the wall of windows facing the cross street. This is probably left over from when the store was a Village ShopRite, but it's great both from the outside and the inside.
You can also get a glimpse of the interior here. It's the same decor that we saw at the NSA in New London and also the 33rd St Fine Fare in Union City.
You enter on the left and exit to the right. Produce lines the side wall shown here (to the left), with meats and deli along the back wall. Dairy/frozen lines the last aisle and seafood is in the front corner. Let's head in to the produce aisle...
You enter along the side wall and turn left 90 degrees. The produce department is spacious and well-stocked.
The produce department is located in this lower-ceiling area, but the ceilings in the rest of the store are very high.
The murals are really nice. They add a little interest to the walls. Plus, notice that the wide produce aisle is actually labeled as three separate aisles!
Looking back to the front wall. Entrance is just to the right of the bags of rice. Customer service is under the manager's office.
Here you can see the entrance that puts you into the produce department.
The produce department is extremely well-stocked for a small store...
I've been in larger stores that didn't have this selection in the produce department. Very impressive.
Butcher counter at the back of the first aisle.
The back wall is to the right here.
Very well-stocked grocery aisles as well, with a very good selection of international foods.
Extremely clean as well.
Notice that the aisle markers actually use the old Bravo logo, while the storefront has an updated logo.
Not every supermarket has quinoa and apple drinks, for sure!
In the back corner opposite the entrance is a deli and hot food counter that even offers catering.
I was visiting at night, so it's not surprising that the hot food counter was empty. I'd like to come back and try the hot foods at a peak time. The last aisle continues as dairy and frozen foods.
Once again, same signs that we saw in New London. The side wall is to the left, looking up to the front wall with seafood at the front of this aisle.
Looking towards the back wall of the store.
Towards the front of the aisle, the frozen foods cases switch to juice. Check out the new Krasdale premium juices on the right, including orange juice and lemonades--inspired by Simply juices, of course, but much cheaper.
And there's plenty of tortillas, too.
Seafood counter along the front wall, which was being emptied for the night.
Nice selection, though, with each fish labeled as wild caught or farm raised, color-coded. Most of these smaller stores, if they have seafood, don't label very clearly.
The ceiling gets even higher along the front-end, with this mural on the wall over the grocery aisles.
Spacious and open front-end. During the day, the big windows must let in a lot of light. Customer service on the far end of the front-end.

This Bravo is a great reuse of an older supermarket and great for the neighborhood. I was very pleasantly surprised!

Bravo Supermarkets

321 Scotland Rd, City of Orange, NJ
Open Daily 7AM-9PM
(973) 675-2333
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