Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Comment Policy, As Of 07/11/18

 Just taking a second here to formally write out The Market Report's comment policy, due to certain recent comments.

Comments may:
  • Provide additional information about the post
  • Provide corrections about information in the post
  • Provide an affirmative or dissenting opinion about content of the post
  • Respond politely to other commenters
  • Provide speculation (as long as it is labeled as such) or questions
Comments may not:
  • Personally insult anyone, including but not limited to The Market Report blogger, other commenters, or supermarket owners, managers, or employees
  • Deceptively present speculation or rumor as fact
  • Knowingly provide false information
  • Contain inappropriate links or content
  • Contain advertisements or promotions for other products or services
Comments are now subject to moderation before posting and decisions will be made at the sole discretion of The Market Report blogger.
  • If you believe your comment has inappropriately been marked as spam or deleted, please contact me at (I may not have been paying attention or some Blogger glitch may have prevented me from correctly moderating comments).
This comment policy has been implemented due to recent speculation (which I didn't necessarily disagree with, by the way) posted on The Market Report which was inappropriately phrased as fact and in an insulting manner.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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