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Snapshot: 1940s Supermarket? Carrboro, NC

For today's Snapshot, we're moving literally two doors down from Friday's Surplus Sid's, from 309 to 305 E Main St.
This location is the center star. Image from Google Maps.
This building struck me as a 1940s supermarket, similar in style to the former Acme in Union we saw a while ago.
Today it is an Advance Auto Parts store, and it previously operated as a CarQuest Auto Parts.
For some reason this reminds me of an early Kroger. Based on absolutely nothing, of course, except a minimal knowledge of Kroger's current operations.
Even the windows along the side of the store look like a supermarket's.
From here especially, doesn't that look like it could be a grocery store? Can anyone confirm this, or is there anyone else out there who also thinks this is a former grocery store?