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Look Inside: Eagle Supermarket - Elizabeth, NJ

The former building of the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Elizabeth, NJ has been repurposed with a nod to its past. The Eagle Supermarket opened with a freshly-painted eagle decorating the front of the building approximately in the 1980s and takes up the ground floor.
You enter on the right side, leading to produce along the right-side wall. The store also has service deli and butcher counters along the back wall, plus a large hot food bar and seating area to the left. It's in a separate room from the main supermarket.
Eagle's original owner sold the store to his grandson in 2003, who operated the store with his wife. Maikel Martinez and Ana Lemes then sold the store again in 2006 before opening their new Eagle Supermarket in Roselle. Martinez and Lemes returned to the city of Elizabeth in 2012 with the opening of their Superfood Marketplace on First St.
This supermarket is owned by the Universal Food Markets chain, which also owns the store of the same name in Rahway. This sign has been replaced with a more modern font than the corresponding "supermarket" sign to the right.
The original entrance to the building has been permanently closed off. The eagle adorning the intricately-detailed door frame, however, not only remains but has been painted!
Eagle was one of the earlier independent ethnic supermarkets in Elizabeth, although other smaller ethnic stores existed before it opened. So it has some old remnants around...
Inside, the store is small but very complete and spotlessly clean. Despite the fact that it's a local store, the prices tend to be fairly reasonable. The lighting has all been replaced with new LED.
The store is located at 1102 Elizabeth Ave, Elizabeth, NJ.