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Snapshot: Joe's Market - Newark, NJ

One more Snapshot in Vailsburg today, joining Progreso and Regio. Joe's Market is a relatively well-known Caribbean market, whose owner is Korean. This location is at 1011 South Orange Ave and is owned by Chun Kim. There's another Joe's Market at 1239 Springfield Ave in nearby Irvington and a Joe's Fruit Market at 201 Main St in nearby Orange. The Orange location is owned by Ho Jeong Kim, who may be related to Chun Kim. I don't know who owns Irvington.
 Groceries, produce, fish, and . . . cosmetics. That makes sense.
Unfortunately, I've never been in any of the Joe's stores. They seem to do pretty well, though, and pictures on Google Maps make it seem like the stores are well-stocked and clean.


  1. I like the "happy fall" banner you've just put up. It really helps for people like me, since around my area fall is just a myth :P

    1. Thank you! I'm now up in Massachusetts, and we sure have fall -- although today's high is about 70 degrees (tomorrow's is 57, so that's very unusual). Happy to help with the illusion!

    2. You're welcome! Funny - today is unusually chilly where I am. (I think we're in the low 60s right now, which I guess isn't too unusual, but we've been in the mid-80s and will return to that tomorrow!) I said something along the same lines to PlazaACME on flickr, and he asked what happens to the leaves down here. My response was that they melt XD


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