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Snapshot: Former WT Grant - Tampa, FL

As a kind of bonus Snapshot to round out our Tampa group, here's a look at a former WT Grant back in Ybor City. WT Grant was a chain of department stores that went out of business in 1976 (and, incidentally, a chain that I frequently confuse with CH Martin).
I'm puzzled by the fact that by searching "WT Grant Ybor City" I came across two videos showing the demolition of the Ybor City WT Grant building in early 2016, when it clearly has not been demolished in early 2018. Right?

And there you have it, that closes out our Tampa group! Because I was visiting family there, I didn't have much supermarket time. But I hope that at least gives NJ-area readers a look at Tampa's independent supermarket scene. Beginning on Monday, we're back with a New Jersey store tour!