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TOUR: CTown Supermarkets - Eastchester, Bronx, NY

We're right at the northeastern edge of the Bronx when we come here to Shopwell Plaza, which I'm assuming was originally anchored by a Shopwell Supermarket. (Bronx-based Shopwell was the original owner of The Food Emporium, which sold to A&P in 1986.) Today, the supermarket anchor is a CTown (formerly an NSA) which opened in 2000.
Heading in, we find a supermarket that to be very honest has seen better days. The front corner is a rather awkward alcove with beer and individual sodas, with deli and hot food on the left-side wall (we're looking towards the front wall in the above picture). Produce continues in the rest of the first aisle.
The store was generally nicely stocked, but it also looks like it's a very low-volume store. It's worth noting that CTown shares the mall with the SY Grace Caribbean Supermarket, which we'll see tomorrow on The Independent Edition.
Unfortunately, as you can see from these pictures, the CTown is quite deserted.
The CTown is mostly a mainstream supermarket, but it tends to lean towards Latin foods, as we can see in the international aisle.
Meats (and poultr) line the back wall, with cold cuts, dairy, and frozen in a weird corner off of the last aisle.
Pictured here along the back wall (left), we see there are two aisles that run perpendicular to the rest of the store's aisles.
The second aisle in the back corner contains the beginning of the freezer department and the end of the dairy department. The rest of frozen runs along the side wall of the store...
Customer service is in this corner, with checkouts running along the rest of the front end.
Zoom into the checkout lane marker and you can see the NSA leaf poking out from behind the CTown logo. And that's all for CTown, head over to The Independent Edition to see the other grocery store in this mall tomorrow!

CTown Supermarkets

4008 Boston Rd, Eastchester, Bronx, NY
Photographed March 2020