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Look Inside: La Marqueta Meat & Produce - Newburgh, NY

La Marqueta Meat & Produce
Owner: unknown
Opened: ca. 2017
Previous Tenants: non-grocery tenants
Cooperative: none
Location: 223 Broadway, Newburgh, NY
Photographed: November 22, 2023
Like yesterday's store, Geraci's Market, Newburgh's La Marqueta Meat & Produce is only around 4,000 square feet. But this store is long and thin, while Geraci's was shallow and wide. La Marqueta is a chain of small meat and produce markets in the Hudson Valley and southwestern Connecticut area. With nine locations, it's a large enough chain (even though they're tiny stores) that it warrants being on The Market Report and not The Independent Edition. I consider operators with six or fewer stores to be independents, and everything larger here on The Market Report, if you care about my methodology...
The store has a little of everything, like Geraci's. Unlike Geraci's, though, I didn't spot any storebrand items from a distributor like Krasdale. In the first aisle, we have dairy, cold cuts, and frozen foods, and in the second aisle, we have the service butcher and deli taking up most of the outside wall and then a produce department in the front. It's a tiny but pristine store with an impressive selection for such a small space.
The store opened in 2016 or 2017 in a former plumbing and HVAC supply store.
Newburgh also has one more small market downtown, a roughly 2000 square foot store called Broadway Farm selling mostly produce and fish. Unfortunately, I haven't been there.
The store is two aisles in the back, and in the front beyond the butcher, there's a third very short aisle.
That's all for La Marqueta, and you can see how they really make the most of the space they have! Tomorrow we're headed way back down south to the southern part of Orange County, for our two last Sullivan/Orange stores here on The Market Report!