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Update: ShopRite - East Orange, NJ

ShopRite of East Orange
Owner: Village Super Market
Opened: 1987
Previous Tenants: none
Cooperative: Wakefern Food Corp.
Location: 533 Main St, East Orange, NJ
Photographed: January 26, 2024
We're back at the East Orange ShopRite to check in with how the reconstruction of Brick Church Plaza is going. The property of around 10 acres just under the Brick Church train station has been demolished in anticipation of a total rebuild, and the parking garage has already gone up. There will be over 200,000 square feet of retail, including a replacement for the existing 56,000 square foot store that isn't that old, but hasn't gotten any investment over the years since it opened in 1987. I believe the new store will be smaller (I seem to remember reading about something in the 40,000 square foot range).
The former parking lots are now getting a few new stories of building, as the parking has been moved into the garage.
Large signage for the ShopRite, which is open 24 hours, surrounds the property. Apologies for the bad photos, they are from the window of a bus going by.
I'm not positive which one of these structures, if any, will hold the new ShopRite. I can't find a floor plan for the new building.
We do have some construction updates from the construction firm, though, along with great pictures on that post. My impression is that the ShopRite is set to stay open until the new one is built and ready for business, but I'm not sure now if that'll be true. I don't see a clear way they could build a new ShopRite around this one and then close and demolish this. My assumption, of course, is that the ShopRite will in fact be in a new building. We'll find out!
Speaking of the ShopRite, there it is, way back behind this other development.
And ShopRite customers now park at the bottom of the massive garage installed in the back corner near the train station.
Here's a look at the ShopRite with the construction around it. Remember that the storefront faces the train tracks, or away from us on Main Street here. I don't know how the new building will be oriented.
That's all for this ShopRite but I'll keep an eye on how the construction progress goes. Don't forget to see the renovation at the Jersey City ACME here. And on Monday, we're back in Rockland County here on The Market Report!


  1. Thanks for this informative blog post. FYI, the existing East Orange ShopRite opened on or around January 3, 1987.

    Regarding a few other ShopRites which I know are due for replacement:

    *I was at the ShopRite of Netcong (opening date: 9/15/1965) less than two weeks ago, and construction on that supermarket's expansion has yet to begin.

    *I believe the replacement for the current ShopRite of Old Bridge (opening date: 2/24/1976) is scheduled to open sometime during this spring:,to%20open%20in%20Spring%202024.

    *I only recently learned this, but Village has plans to replace the existing ShopRite of Hillsborough (which opened on 2/26/1985):

    Even though the current Hillsborough ShopRite is nearly 40 years old, I am a bit surprised that it is going to be replaced, given that Village operates quite a few supermarkets that are older and smaller. Competition from other stores is presumably a factor in the decision to replace the existing store, yet I do not know what competition the ShopRite of Hillsborough faces from other chains as well from Saker.

    1. Thanks for all this information! It is true that Village runs some older and smaller stores, but I also suspect that when possible they look for replacement locations. As for Hillsborough, there's a Weis in town as well as two independents, a greengrocer shop and a large Indian supermarket in part of a former Stop & Shop.

      And in Old Bridge, the old ShopRite is to be subdivided, but neither tenant's name has been released yet. Do we think either will be a grocery store?


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