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TOUR: Price Chopper - Warwick, NY

Price Chopper
Opened: ca. 2010
Previous Tenants: none
Location: 142 NY-94, Warwick, NY
Photographed: December 15, 2020
Today is a special double post! Why? Because I said so. So tomorrow starts our next group of stores, and to finish off this one, we have a look at this Price Chopper and the ShopRite across the street today!
This store is rather new, having opened around 2010 in a new-build building very close to an existing ShopRite, so Price Chopper is the intruder here. And it's their second-closest store to New Jersey: the Matamoras location, which is now a Market 32, is 6/10 of a mile from the New Jersey border, while this one is 1.6 miles. There are, of course, no Price Choppers or Market 32s in New Jersey. And because this one is pretty new and so close to an established ShopRite, it seemed to be a really well-run store, not unlike East Stroudsburg -- which, if anyone's counting, is three miles to New Jersey.
We enter to the grand aisle, with the bagel/donut area on the front wall, a small cafe in the front left corner, and deli/prepared foods on the left side wall of the store. Bakery and seafood are at the back of the grand aisle, meats on the back wall, pharmacy in an island on the other side of the fresh produce signage above, and dairy/frozen on the right side.
The store is 55,000 square feet, and that feels like a good size -- it feels large enough and plenty spacious, but not overwhelming.
Prepared foods/cafe and then deli are on the left side wall of the grand aisle.
And the very large bakery department takes up the back left corner of the store. This store seems to run its perimeter very well, which is very different from the Price Choppers I saw when I was living in Massachusetts.
A large and well-stocked seafood department takes us out of the grand aisle and across the back wall of the store. Opposite seafood is HABA. Price Chopper tends to put the nonfoods like HABA and paper/cleaning in the first few aisles of the store rather than the last, which most supermarkets around here do.
The pharmacy counter faces up towards the front-end of the store. I like the skylights here, too!
Well-organized and very clean grocery aisles. I like it!
And a very large and nice floral department in the front corner. When you see the pictures of some of the Price Choppers in and around Worcester, you'll see the contrast. Compare how fully stocked this store looks compared to the Main & Cambridge store in Worcester.
Frozen foods towards the end of the store.
I like this decor package, too. It's a bit outdated at this point I would say, but it's colorful and pleasant.
And a look across the meat department on the back wall.
The single sign of aging I saw at this store was the fact that the orange part of the D had fallen off in the dairy sign.
And a look across the front-end before we head out...
This is a very nice Price Chopper! I know they can run some stores very well but I've been to equal parts well-run and terribly-run stores, so there's definitely a range. Don't forget to check out the ShopRite nearby here, and tomorrow, we're on to Rockland County!