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TOUR: ShopRite - Warwick, NY

ShopRite of Warwick
Owner: SRS
Opened: 1993
Previous Tenants: none
Cooperative: Wakefern Food Corp.
Location: 153 NY-94, Warwick, NY
Photographed: December 15, 2020
It's time for our final Sullivan/Orange County area store! The ShopRite of Warwick was built in 1993, then expanded to its present 70,000 square feet in 2015. We're just about a mile and a half north of the New Jersey border here, so this is definitely ShopRite territory -- but there's a Price Chopper just across the street, too. The store was pretty extensively remodeled when it was expanded. Today, the grand aisle is on the left side of the store -- mostly in the expansion area -- with prepared foods and deli on the left side wall, then bakery and seafood at the back of the grand aisle. Cheese is in an island between them and produce. Meat lines the rest of the back wall, with dairy/frozen, HABA, and beer on the right side of the store. There's no pharmacy here, and I don't know if there previously was one.
The produce department, I think, looks really good with the updated flooring, fixtures, lighting, and decor. I really like this decor package, and I think it's better than some of the older ones.
The prepared foods departments line the left side wall of the store.
And interestingly enough, the prepared foods take up most of the wall, with relatively little space actually dedicated to the traditional deli.
Deli and bakery are in the back left corner of the store. I really like the bakery signage especially.
Nice breads here too...
Here's an overview of the prepared foods and deli departments on the side wall...
...and opposite that is the cheese department in an island between bakery and produce. I really like the setup of this area too, and the combination of low shelving in the middle and higher upright cases on the left works well.
Nice displays!
Seafood is up next as we transition into the main supermarket area...
The first few aisles are natural and organic foods. I'm not sure why, but for some reason the Live Right with ShopRite branding has been dropped from all the SRS stores.
A blurry shot of the seafood department...
And meats are up next. As we can see, despite the store's large size, the back aisle is just a little bit cramped. I'm not sure why this area wasn't designed with a little more space.
The grocery aisles felt on the narrow side, too. It's possible when the store was expanded, everything was left as-is except the grand aisle was added, and the rest of the store's layout wasn't touched. That would explain why this area feels like it was designed for a smaller store.
It does look like most of the fixtures are pretty new in this area, though.
And the HABA department is looking great, with what's definitely all-new fixtures...
The beer department is on the front wall. This is where a pharmacy is sometimes located, so it's possible there used to be one here.
Frozen foods are next to that in the front right corner.
Notice how much more spacious this aisle is compared to the grocery aisles. It's not unusual to see wider dairy/frozen aisles than grocery aisles, but this is a particularly large difference.
It does look like this store gets busy, so maybe more space would be extra beneficial.
Here we can see where beer is between frozen foods and the front-end.
Self-checkouts and express registers are on the other end of the front-end, near the grand aisle.
This store looks really good, much like the Price Chopper, and also seems to be a well-run store. A great way to wrap up our look at Sullivan and Orange Counties! Come back fresh tomorrow ready to jump into Rockland County!


  1. The other option that is common (though more recent) is having a tiny pharmacy space on the front wall, between the entry to the grand aisle area and the customer service (which I don't think you have photos of). Basically the front wall in front of the natural foods and then HABA, if that's the order of the aisles here (as it was with the now departed Albany area stores).


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