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Memorabilia Day 2: ACME & Shaw's!

There's plenty of ACME memorabilia out there, but there's actually not all that much that I've encountered from Shaw's. Let's check out some products from those two stores!


While I don't know exactly when these spice cans are from, the ASCO brand (American Stores Company) was phased out beginning in 1937 in favor of ACME. I'm not positive whether the ASCO brand remained on products beyond the store name changing, but by the 1950s, the Ideal brand had been introduced. The script logo of Ideal was similar to the script logo of ACME at the time, and later, a fish-eye logo was introduced to match the contemporary ACME logo.
In the above picture, we see two different eras of Ideal products.
The script ones are older and the fish-eye ones, which actually have the ACME brand on them (the script ones don't and only say American Stores), are newer.
I would estimate this coffee can dates to the 1950s...
A random other memorabilia item spotted in Harrisburg, an ACME cola vending machine behind a hospital. Of course, the ACME-branded sodas are long gone and certainly not being sold in this machine!
And an ACME truck, likely dating to the early to mid 1980s...


Let's see some Shaw's memorabilia, too! The above truck is newer, probably from the late 1990s or so, and the below truck is probably from 10 years earlier...
Shaw's, at some point in their history, sold the Food Club brand (today owned by TopCo and sold in the northeast at Big Y and King Kullen)...
I would estimate this can dates to the late 1980s.
And there's a Shaw's price tag remaining on the top!
Tomorrow is Food Fair, Foodtown, and Finast!


  1. That vending machine is really interesting! I've never even seen that outside an Acme before. I wonder where it would have come from to get to Harrisburg, since no central PA store would have had something that new.

    1. I second this, very cool find!

    2. Agreed! It was an unusual find and one I don't know much about.

  2. I think that Roche Brothers also has Food Club


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