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More Updates - May 2024!

I feel like I've been scrambling to visit all the supermarkets that have had things going on in New Jersey and New York City in the last few weeks! Here's my post from a few days ago, and now it's time for some more things. And of course, here's today's regularly scheduled post.


South Plainfield, NJ

ICYMI, we visited the brand-new ShopRite of Hadley Commons in the former Middlesex Mall in South Plainfield, NJ after its grand opening on Wednesday!

Food Universe Marketplace

Passaic, NJ

One of Key Food's latest store openings was yesterday in the city of Passaic, New Jersey. The store is just 16,000 square feet, but quite a bit of the store stands out -- not least the ridiculously bright orange walls. See more on the store here!


Highland Park, NJ

Two SuperFresh stores in progress: the Highland Park location is expected to open later this summer. A couple counties to the north, a store is undergoing a renovation inside and out...

Passaic, NJ

And across town is Key Food's other location in Passaic, a SuperFresh downtown that's currently getting some updates. Here's more on that.

ACME Markets

Saddle Brook, NJ

The latest ACME renovation doesn't actually look like it'll involve any decor changing. Still, work looks like it'll be rather extensive. See more here.

Anatolia Market

Wayne, NJ

Unfortunately, Green Life Market in Wayne closed not long after it opened, but the space is now a Turkish grocery store called Anatolia Market. Check out the new store here!

Nature's Food Markets 

Hackettstown, NJ

Speaking of stores that didn't last long, Hackettstown's Shop Fresh Marketplace closed just a few months after its opening. The space is now a natural food store called Nature's Food Markets, featuring (among other things) a truly insane number of protein bars. See all those and more on my special report here!