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Memorabilia Day 3: Finast, Food Fair, & Foodtown!

 Our third day of memorabilia features selections from Finast, Food Fair, and Foodtown!


The New England-based First National Stores chain later was folded into what today is Ahold-Delhaize. In fact, the Finast name remained on products well into the 1990s and possibly the early 00s.
Much earlier, though, they had their own brands, such as this Copley Coffee, perhaps named after Copley Square in Boston (as the chain originated in Somerville). Read more on their history here.
It's possible, too, that the Copley Coffee dates back to the time before Finast was Finast and when they were just First National Stores.
Another spice tin, this time seen in front of another recognizable storebrand!
And a pre-Finast "First National Stores" matchbook, probably from the 1950s or so...
This somewhat redundant slogan reminds me of the jingle "count on Pathmark for savings that count, for savings that count, count on Pathmark."

Food Fair

Now on to Food Fair, which was encouraging new customers to switch it seems with this needle book spotted in an antique store.


And wrapping up the day with a can of Foodtown peanuts, likely from the 1950s or 1960s, from when Foodtown was not Allegiance Retail Services (nor, apparently, Twin County Grocers), but just Foodtown Supermarkets Inc., Linden, NJ.
Tomorrow we'll be moving along to a very familiar brand to us in the northeast!