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Snapshot: Clements' Marketplace - Portsmouth, RI

Clements' Marketplace
Owner: Donald and Barbara Clements
Opened: 1980
Cooperative: none
 2575 E Main Rd, Portsmouth, RI
Photographed: June 23, 2019
Contributor: Laura E.
It's time for the final Rhode Island store! We're here very close to the southern coast of the state in Portsmouth to see Clements' Marketplace, a two-store chain with one in Massachusetts and one here in Rhode Island. At 31,000 square feet, it's the largest grocery store in the immediate area, which is very affluent and a famous vacation destination (Portsmouth shares the island with well-known Newport).
Our contributor notes the small-town feeling in the store, with large posters describing "the Clements' Experience"...
And with that, we're done with Rhode Island! Before we go into Massachusetts, it's time for our spring break. Come back tomorrow to see what else we'll be checking out in the next few weeks!