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Memorabilia Day 5: Grand Union!

We're around halfway done with the Spring Memorabilia Extravaganza, so now it's time to move onto a familiar name in the northeast, although the chain is mostly defunct...

Grand Union

Coffee cans and spice tins are common antique-store finds, but we can also trace some of Grand Union's history through their brands. At a time when it was popular for supermarket storebrands to use a woman's name to appeal to housewives (think A&P's Ann Page and ACME's Virginia Lee). I wasn't aware of Grand Union using Nancy Lynn, though...
Notice the Grand Union logo featured prominently on this can!
The logo returns on this Grand Union needle package, not unlike the Food Fair one we saw yesterday.
I love the small watermarks of the GU logo inside.
That wraps up today's memorabilia, but tomorrow we'll look at some brands used by independent grocers!