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Snapshot: 1970s Supermarket? Carrboro, NC

Quick jump across the street from Monday's post to a property that looks like it could have housed a 1970s-era supermarket. It's set up exactly right, with a 30,000 or so square foot building and a large parking lot.
This location is the bottom star. Image from Google Maps.
From the parking garage behind the building, we can get an overview of where it is...
A look at the building from the neighboring parking garage. Maybe the supermarket, if there was one, was in the lighter roof section.
Moving back to ground level, we can see that the building is now subdivided.
 A large section is taken up by The ArtsCenter.
It definitely has a distinctly retail feeling, but I don't know that it was a supermarket.
I stayed in the hotel immediately next door to this property, so every time I walked through, I took another picture!
Obviously the facade could have been changed, but even the metal siding looks like a 70s supermarket.