Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Snapshot: Former Grand Union - Summit, NJ

This is the last of the NJ stores before we head down to Tampa, FL tomorrow!
This store is a former Grand Union located at 29 Deforest Ave in Summit, NJ. CVS has been here for decades, although I'm not certain of an exact closing date for GU.
Summit, which currently has no supermarkets, is home to several specialty markets and several former supermarkets, in addition to this one.
  • Arenas Farmers Market - 1 Ashwood Ave
  • The Meat House (upscale butcher/deli) - 321 Springfield Ave
  • Former Summit Food Market - 423 Springfield Ave
  • Former ShopRite - probably 40 Park Ave
  • Former A&P - 23 Summit Ave

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